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Five Day Internet Business Education: FREE Course

Earn while you learn!

I like to learn by doing and making mistakes.

There are so many little mistakes to make that it will take more than five days to perfect these skills.

You can get set up and start feeling your way in five days...that I promise you.

You can wonder why your traffic that you have worked so hard on creating is not converting into sales...that is the next lesson. First you have to learn to set up these web pages and get traffic.


Chris Titan

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Live and Learn...

Simpleology March 30 2007

This is the key-stone to your education...

Saturday, March 10, 2007

To offer a price lower than MAP

NY Report

To offer a price lower than MAP, in place of listing the price on the product’s Web page, put in “Quote.” That will link the customer to an e-mail form that comes up with the product information and a field to enter their e-mail address for a reply e-mail quote. You can then e-mail back their below-MAP quote because e-mail, unlike a website or a print ad, is not an advertising vehicle.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Does Your Knowledge Make You Money


This article should be read my every person who is interested in
the Autopilot Traffic Machine. This article explaines how easy it
is to leverage your knowledge into product you can get paid for.
Ewen Chia and Jo Han Mok give you the blue-print to put this in
action. Chris Titan gives you over $1000.00 in bonus information
that will get you started.

-Chris Titan

Does Your Knowledge Make You Money
By Britt Phillips

Every two seconds someone logs on the Internet for the very first time. Every eleven seconds someone starts a home based business online. And every six seconds someone realizes their dream and becomes a millionaire. So the question is are you getting a piece of this wealth pie?

The amazing thing about the web is that even though it is literally gives away mountains of extremely useful information to solve just about every problem one could possiblt think of, still people would rather pay someone who has done the reseach and compiled the information. This is why ebooks are so popular.

Do a simple Google search on any topic you want and the chances you will find many relevent results are pretty high. People are curious by nature. They want to know more. They don't actually want to do the research however and prefer to simply pay someone who already has.

So how can you make money from the knowledge you have? Well, it's actually quite simple. A great example of how I do it is by doing one-on-one private training or consulting sessions. I use a great piece of online software which lets me host meetings. I give out the site address to allow people to attend the meeting and when they attend they can see everything I'm doing on my computer right on their own computer screen. Next I give them a teleconference number to dial which provides the live audio we need to communicate. And presto I'm in business with a paying customer.

I offer one hour to discuss anything related to Internet Marketing, personal improvement, sales techniques etc. I demonstrate sofware and even cover simple HTML web site design. And people gladly pay me for it. And if you look at it from their perspective it's actually a really good value. They get to spend an hour with someone who can asnwer their live questions and make sure they really understand the subject or topic. They don't have to feel shy about speaking up in front of a group of other people if they were attending a big teleconference or webinar event.

I charge $97. for an hour. And I'm flexible as to the times I'm available for the hour. When I first decided to offer the one-on-one hour my goal was to do just one session per day. And I've pretty much stuck to that. Some times I do as many as three sessions in a day but most of the time I try to stick to just one. However even at just one session a day it quickly ads up over a months time. And you can do the very same thing using the knowledge you have.

There are most likely many things you could be earning money from each day. Do you have graphic skills? Are you good at creating web sites? Do you know how to drive traffic to a web site? Do you know how to get rid of pet urine stains? Do you know an easier way to do a common task? Really what you need to do is take a personal inventory of the things you have knowledge about.

Here's your challenge. Sit down and make a list of 50 things you know about. It doesn't really matter how silly the entries are. Just write down 50 things. Next go back and look closely at the list. Look for things that seem to stand out as unique. Next create another list with only the unique items listed.

After you have your lists it time to let the world know you are willing to share your knowledge for a small fee. You have countrles examples of many who do this daily to earn millions each year. Just don't make the mistake of thinking your ebook for example has to be hundreds of pages. Some of the biggest selling ebooks are 20 pages or less and yet they rake in hundreds of dollars every day!

Remember knowledge equals cash. And the more you are willing to share what you know with others, the more cash you can make.

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Britt Phillips is a self-made millionaire and one of the all time top income earners in the history of the Coastal Vacations business opportunity. Britt has been teaching students on his success team for eleven years. Britt devotes the time, energy, and effort into his team and works with them to ensure their success. To contact Britt Phillips call him direct at 804-897-2274 or visit

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The Nine Drivers

"Nine Drivers"

Teaches you the fastest, biggest ways to multiply business, increase profits, build massive business wealth with little or no risk, very little time, and suprisingly modest effort.

3 Ways To Change Your Income Strategies Immediately How to Income Your Income Model How to Motivate Your Target Audience to ACT NOW The Opportunities You're Already Paying For But Not Benefiting From
How to Get All you Can Out Of Everything You've Got

Nine Drivers

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A Few of Jay Abraham's Secrets

Copyright © 2006-2007 Steven Gerber

People excel in different areas of specialization. And this usually depends on their capability and intelligence. Not all people are born intelligent, or with special gifts. Since the early times, there are quite a number of people with special gifts, like the inventors, the musicians, and so on.

One man who is very well known today because of his exceptional talent and capability is Jay Abraham. He is the CEO and founder of the Abraham Group Incorporated, located in Los Angeles.

He is even considered as America's no.1 marketing wizard because of his ability to boost the success of different business, income, and wealth. Small or big, it doesn"(tm)t really matter. There are a lot of satisfied testimonials of Abraham's superb ability and expertise.

The secret to a business' success are its hidden assets, undervalued possibilities, and overlooked opportunities. And these things can only be identified by Abraham. Aside from this, he can also identify patterns which limit or restrict the growth of a particular business. He can look into a business' marketing approach and effectively tell what is wrong with it. He is able to impart to many business owners the concepts which they can adopt to ensure market competitiveness.

Here are just a few of Jay Abraham's secret to a successful and wealthy business venture:

  • business owners should learn what they really want, and how they want to get things done without holding back; some even go through it all without following the status quo

  • every business encounters certain obstacles and problems, and once you triumph against all this things, you can reach the peak of success

  • always think positive, disregard negative thinking; if you encounter problems, try to look at them as opportunities or a solution

  • the saying 'try and try until you succeed' can do miracles and it's definitely true; giving up easily will not take you anywhere

  • business ethics is very important; never compromise, lower standards, or sell out, take a firm stand in everything you do

  • you must be able to believe and commit, and once you have set a goal or goals, do everything possible to achieve it without stumbling on others

  • you must focus, diversions should not sway you from your goal; focus on accomplishments

  • don"(tm)t be afraid to take risks; if you think you can attain maximum yields and minimum downside, go ahead

  • have no fear; move forward, and take chances

    These are just some of the secrets that Jay Abraham imparted to people and business owner. If you absorb all these things, put it in your mind, then you're ready to make your way to success.

    You can even memorize it if you want. But don"(tm)t let it end there; you must be able to apply it in real life. Incorporate it in all your undertakings.

    Being America's no. 1 genius, he has his very own website. Feel free to visit the site, and perhaps you too can discover the way to success and wealth. Any business undertaking wants to succeed, and if you think Jay Abraham is the answer, go for it.

    Take the chance. And who knows, he's just the person that you're looking for to help you in your business troubles. And perhaps, your success is just around the corner, waiting for you.

    About The Author:

    Steven Gerber is a professional copywriter and marketing consultant with more than 8 years of expertise. He is a prot�g� student of Dan Lok � The World's #1 Website Conversion Expert, and in Steven�s totally biased opinion simply THE BEST. You�ll find the latest internet marketing techniques and tricks at:

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  • Website Traffic Needs A Driver

    First of all, let me dispel the myth that a website can gain huge success and continue to remain productive simply by using an 'auto-pilot' program.

    You know what an 'auto-pilot' program is, right? You see them splashed all over the web. Basically, they're website marketing schemes designed to provide a constant flow of targeted traffic to your website simply by picking a general category, paying some money and away you go.

    The problem is, more often then not, 'auto-pilot' programs are only designed to sell 'auto-pilot' programs.

    This isn't to say that that some of the ideas being offered by these programs don't have any value.

    Every idea, tried and true or unconventional, has a place in your marketing plan and the most important part of a marketing plan is to actually have one.

    Website Traffic Needs A Driver

    If you want your website to be successful, you need to take control of the marketing - you need to be the 'driver' of your website traffic marketing machine.

    There are many different roads you can take with your marketing machine and each of them needs to be understood and explored. One isn't better than the other but rather they have to all work together if you want to draw some serious traffic to your website.

    Simply throwing money at the problem isn't the answer. A wildly successful marketing plan doesn't have to cost much money - if any money at all.

    Consider this:

    Big name companies often throw thousands and thousands of unfocused dollars into their 'generic looking template' websites and get far less traffic than the little guys that have no advertising budget but have great marketing plans.

    Something as simple as signing your emails with your name, a short teaser for your website and your website URL could easily bring you some traffic. Combine this with other simple but effective website promotion ideas and your 'marketing machine' will really start to roll.

    How about this one:

    Create an email with a joke that relates to the theme of your website but 'leave out the punch line'. Next, create a page on your website with the punch line of the joke.

    Put a link in your email to the page on your website with the punch line of the joke and say something like:

    "Please forward this email to your friends - it will make their day! This joke is so funny they'll be crying with laughter!
    Then Click Here == (the link to the page on your website with the rest of the joke) for the rest of this hilarious joke."

    Now, send this email to everyone you can think of.

    Congratulations! You've just created a viral email (not spam)

    Your friends will forward your email to their friends. Their friends will forward your email to their friends and so on. That simple email could bring your website a ton of traffic very quickly.

    The scope of this article isn't to go into the details of the various ways to drive traffic to your website (we'll save them for other articles) but rather to get you to understand that you are the 'driver' of your marketing machine and it's up to you to steer it in the right direction.

    Keep your eyes and ears open. Pay attention to how websites are being promoted to you and soon you'll be coming up with great ideas of your own to skyrocket targeted traffic to your own website.

    For more website traffic ideas visit
    By Mike Jurke
    Published: 1/9/2006

    Affiliate Marketing Courses - Learn and Earn As You Go

    There are a lot of reasons why a career in affiliate marketing would be the ideal way for you to get the most of your life. For some, it’s the increased freedom that comes with being your own boss. For others, it’s the time they can spend at home with their families and loved ones, far away from the boring, dreary 9-5 existence they’ve grown to hate. And of course, there’s always the money to think about. Affiliate marketing has seen exponential growth in the last few years, making it one of the fastest growing industries on the market today.

    But like any industry or new career, you really need to know the ropes before you decide to jump into the ring. That’s why affiliate marketing training courses are so important to the success of your new affiliate marketing career.

    School is In! Are You?

    To really get your hands dirty and learn exactly how affiliate marketing can help you achieve your career goals, you need to go back to school. You need to learn about important topics such as internet marketing and internet search engine basics. You’ll also need to get a handle on how affiliate programs themselves work, where to look for the best and brightest companies to work with, and even how to attract thousands of monthly visitors to your affiliate sites.

    Just how long will all of this take? Probably about 6-12 months. It may sound like a lot of time, but you have to ask yourself – how long did you expect to go to school for? Standard training courses at your local college can run anywhere from 6 months to 4 years, and some go even longer than that! And when you are done in those courses, learning everything you needed to start your new career, you head out into the working world to a boss who may not respect you and a bank account that definitely won’t appreciate you.

    Earn While you Learn!

    With affiliate marketing course and affiliate marketing training, such as James Martell’s proven strategies in his training program, you’ll be able to learn all you need to know in a short amount of time and in the comfort of your home. And you’ll also earn while you learn, since Martell’s system is designed for you to do practical, hands-on training while you are learning about the process.

    That means that while you are learning about how to generate visitors to your websites, you’ll be optimizing the sites you already own to work better. And while you are learning about how content can drive up sales on your site, you’ll be using your own creative talents to spin articles that you can be proud of and will keep the sales coming in.

    There are a couple reasons for this: First of all, it will show you immediately what’s possible if you continue with your studies and learn how to become a proper affiliate marketing expert. Second, most of us could use a little extra cash, right? Earning an additional income while you are learning your new career will help keep you focused and motivate you while you are going through the lessons.

    Finally, in traditional school programs, student are exposed to a practicum, or practical work-based exercise in the field of their choosing. Often these stints working in the field are done under the tutelage of a prospective hiring company and for little or no compensation. It is assumed that the student’s increased understanding of the industry is as good as a wage.

    In a home-based environment like the one in James Martell’s training course, they’ve taken that practical experience a step further by immersing the student in the same work environment they’ll be joining when they are done learning. That would be like learning how to become a world class chef in your own restaurant!

    Be Your Own Boss! Choose your Own Wage!

    It sounds too good to be true, but there are millions of people out there right now who are happy being their own boss and making a comfortable living at the same time. Affiliate marketing is one way that you can join their ranks. It’s an exciting, creative, cutting edge career that has been steadily growing since the inception of the internet, and as the internet grows, so does the affiliate marketing industry.

    It may sound too easy, or it might sound like there is a trick to the process, but the only trick you need to worry about is getting a leg up on the competition by jumping on board a home-based affiliate marketing course.

    Affiliate marketing training isn’t something that should be taken lightly. It is a serious, important first step in becoming a successful affiliate marketing expert. And if you are looking to start your career as a successful affiliate marketer, it’s the only step you should be considering before you begin.

    For more information,

    About The Author

    Bill Schnarr is a successful freelance writer and a seasoned professional providing valuable insight and advice to those looking to work at home. His numerous articles offer real-life tips and techniques for getting the most out of a homebased business.